The Revolutionary Conference of the Eastern Region

Yesterday, notables originally from the eastern region of Syria, also known as Sharqiya, and the revolutionary movements participated in a gathering called the Revolutionary Conference of the Eastern Region (RCER) the theme of which was “Challenges of the Current Reality and Visions of the Future.” The conference, the first of its kind in the liberated north, gathered the elites and leaders of the revolution and tribesmen, doctors, engineers, thinkers, politicians, poets, and revolutionaries from all over Syria.

Among the participants were leaders of the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) and HTS including Abu Muhamad Jolani and its prominent religious figure, Muzhar Weis who is from Deir Zor, as well as representatives from every province of the Sharqiya, which includes Deir Zor, Raqqa and Hasaka.

The points the attendees agreed upon were, to continue the revolution until achieving all of its goals, the foremost of which is the removal of Bashar Assad and his criminal regime along with its corrupt system and all of its symbols and foundations. The attendees signed their names to a large “contract” near the entrance stating their commitment to continue the revolution and denouncing any reconciliation with Assad and his regime.

The conference was also unanimous in its rejection of all invasive and disruptive projects counter to the “Arab and Islamic identity” of the people and integrity of the region, such as the sectarian Iranian project, or the separatist SDF project.

The people affirmed the need to protect the original “Sunni Arab” components of various occupied regions and combat “attempts at demographic and sectarian change that target the region’s identity, customs, and authentic Arab traditions,” noting that Sunni Arabs “constitute the overwhelming majority” of the population of the region.

It was also emphasized that all people of the eastern region maintain their right to return to their country, villages, towns, and cities and to have all land and property restored to them and “to preserve the region’s wealth from loss and depletion through schemes that do not serve the interests of the Syrian revolution or the people of the region.”

The audience confirmed that the eastern region will not be a “bargaining chip” nor a battlefield wherein foreign international parties compete, saying that the only way for nations sympathetic or aligned with the revolution to preserve their interests is to support the goals and people of the revolution and not use the struggle of the Syrian people for their own political or international gain, and to “reject all calls for reconciliation and rapprochement with the criminal Assad regime.”

Lastly, the participants affirmed that these points and principles should be maintained in the thoughts and hearts of the revolutionary movements and be implemented in “actionable programs that are in the interest of the region and its people,” and they said to those of their family and countrymen who remained in the east “have patience there as we will return to you,” promising them they were not forgotten.


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