Syrian Negotiation Committee Warns Against Normalization as Regime FM Speeds Up Visits to Arab Countries

(AP Photo/Hassan Ammar, File)

Last night, the Negotiations Committee for the Syrian Revolution stressed the need to start a political solution in Syria in full accordance with Security Council Resolution no. 2254 to ensure that the conflict is not prolonged.

The commission warned in a statement: “The Syrian people, who are suffering under tyranny, corruption, and plundering of the authoritarian regime, are still standing and resisting for human dignity, freedom, justice, and their right to a decent living.”

“The earthquake disaster was another painful occasion where the people proved their steadfastness and ability to act, organize and cooperate. Neither disasters nor the crimes of tyranny, injustice, hunger, or deprivation nor the negligence of organizations and the international community are capable of making them submit and dissuading it from its legitimate aspirations for freedom, justice, dignity and democracy. Rather, the dedication of the Syrian people, with their political forces, civil society organizations, and citizens, in the face of disasters, showed their true essence of humanity,” it added.

The Negotiation Commission thanked all the brotherly and friendly countries that have stood with the Syrian people in their revolution and have supported them, as well as the countries that contributed to ease the effects of the recent earthquake disaster.

Meanwhile, the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, will arrive tomorrow in the country as part of an official visit, the first in more than 12 years.

Faisal al-Miqdad’s visit to Tunisia is considered the fourth to the Arab countries within 17 days, and all of them came within the framework of Arab normalization with the Syrian regime, and the increasing rapprochement with it.

The first of these visits was on the first of this month when al-Miqdad visited Egypt and met with its Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry. According to Reuters, the visit aimed to discuss the return of the regime to the Arab League, through Egyptian-Saudi mediation.

Last Wednesday, the regime’s foreign minister visited Saudi Arabia and met with his counterpart Faisal bin Farhan. The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the two sides discussed a political solution in Syria, facilitating the return of refugees, and securing aid to the affected areas.

However, these visits have so far proved futile as Faisal al-Miqdad, during an official visit to Algeria yesterday, said that the return of the regime to the Arab League before correcting bilateral relations is almost impossible.

He added that the recent visit of some regime officials to some Arab countries was a common interest, to close the page of the past and start all over again.


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