International Coalition Continues to Reinforce Bases in Northeastern Syria amidst Growing Iranian Threats

(Credit: OSINT defender)

The international coalition has deployed additional military reinforcements from northern Iraq through the al-Walid border crossing.

Reports indicate that the military convoys, consisting of military and logistical equipment, armored vehicles, and fuel tanks, have arrived at their military bases in al-Hasakah.

This marks the second convoy of its kind to reach the international coalition bases in Syria. The first convoy, which arrived on Monday, included approximately 40 military vehicles.

In response to increased Iranian threats targeting coalition members and military bases in northeastern Syria, the international coalition forces have been actively strengthening their military installations in the region.

Notably, the international coalition maintains numerous military bases across northeastern Syria, including the al-Omar oil field base and the Conoco gas field in Deir ez-Zor, both of which are considered among the largest coalition bases in eastern Syria.

In al-Hasakah, the Coalition forces are stationed at the Rameilan base, which was the first American base established in Syria.

Other significant bases include the al-Malikiyah base (Robar Airport), situated south of the city of al-Malikiyah in rural al-Hasakah, and the Tal Baydar base, located approximately 30 km west of the city.


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