Armed Clashes in Tafas leaves Casualties after Regime Commences Anti-Drug Operations

Today, violent clashes erupted in the neighborhoods of Tafas, a city located in the western countryside of Daraa. These clashes followed the recent deployment of military reinforcements by the regime to the outskirts of the city.

According to reports, the clashes took place between regime forces stationed near the city and an armed group, resulting in casualties and fatalities on both sides. Local sources indicate that hostilities are ongoing at present.

Yesterday morning, the regime dispatched significant military reinforcements to positions south of Tafas and in the surrounding plains of al-Yadoudeh in the western countryside of Daraa.

The operation was initiated by the regime’s security services in response to claims of the presence of criminal gangs, drug traffickers, and cells affiliated with ISIS. These groups have allegedly been responsible for frequent assassinations targeting members of the military, police, security forces, as well as opposing local factions.

The regime aims to demonstrate to Arab nations, with whom it has established diplomatic relations, its commitment to combating drug trafficking and eliminating manufacturing and smuggling operations conducted by Hezbollah militias in the southern region.

This initiative by the regime was prompted by requests from certain Arab countries to take action against cross-border drug trade towards Jordan and the Gulf nations.



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