Humanitarian Aid Agencies Collaborate to Improve Sarmada-Kafardarian Road

In a series of productive discussions between the Directorate of Camps Affairs from the Ministry of Development and Humanitarian Affairs of the Syrian Salvation Government in Idlib and various humanitarian organizations, a landmark agreement has been reached to address the deteriorating condition of the Sarmada-Kafardarian road. This development comes as a relief to the thousands of families residing in the surrounding areas who heavily rely on this vital transportation route.

The agreement entails a joint effort between the Civil Defense and the Sham Humanity Group, with each party responsible for specific tasks to ensure the successful reconstruction of the road. The Civil Defense will kickstart the project by focusing on the road’s foundation, while also laying down a sturdy 6cm layer of asphalt. Subsequently, the Sham Humanity Group will take charge of placing an additional 6cm layer of asphalt to complete the resurfacing process.

The Sarmada-Kafardarian road, stretching an impressive length of 3,150 meters or 3.15 kilometers, is a crucial thoroughfare that connects the towns of Sarmada and Harem. With a width of 9 meters, the road provides essential access to numerous camps situated on the western side of the city of Sarmada. These camps serve as temporary homes for displaced individuals and families who have been affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the region.

To enhance safety and convenience for commuters, lighting poles equipped with rain drainage channels will be installed along the entire length of the road. This comprehensive approach to road improvement aims to create a more secure and reliable transportation network for those utilizing this critical artery.

The project carries an estimated cost of approximately $700,000, reflecting the scale and importance of this infrastructure upgrade. The collaboration between the government, humanitarian organizations, and aid agencies highlights the collective commitment to improving the lives of the local population and providing much-needed support to the affected communities.

As the resurfacing efforts progress, the Sarmada-Kafardarian road is expected to witness a significant transformation. The enhanced infrastructure will not only facilitate smoother traffic flow but also contribute to the economic development of the region by fostering better connectivity and access to essential services.

The successful completion of this road rehabilitation project will undoubtedly have a far-reaching impact, as it directly serves thousands of families in the neighboring areas. The improved road network will streamline transportation, enabling residents to access healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other vital resources more conveniently.

The agreement between the Directorate of Camps Affairs from the Ministry of Development and Humanitarian Affairs, and the humanitarian aid agencies stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in tackling critical infrastructure challenges. It sets a promising precedent for future joint initiatives that prioritize the well-being and livelihoods of communities affected by crises.

As the reconstruction work commences, local residents eagerly await the completion of the Sarmada-Kafardarian road. Their hopes for improved accessibility and enhanced living conditions are now intertwined with the dedication and efforts of the humanitarian agencies involved. This crucial development signifies a significant step forward in the ongoing efforts to rebuild and uplift the lives of those affected by the conflict in Syria.


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