Israeli Airstrikes Destroy Air Defense Systems in Homs

Credit: (Times of Israel)

Israeli military spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee, announced that Israeli jets conducted airstrikes in Homs last night, targeting an air defense system as well as multiple locations in the province. Adraee stated that a missile was launched from the battery in Syria towards Israel but exploded mid-air, causing no damage. However, the incident triggered air raid sirens and resulted in shrapnel falling in the southern city of Rahat.

While specific targets have not been officially disclosed, it is widely believed that they were associated with the storage of weapons belonging to Iran or Hezbollah. These strikes are part of Israel’s ongoing efforts to eliminate any potential threats posed by Iran and the Lebanese-based terrorist group within Syrian territory.

In previous instances, Israel has targeted warehouses, airports, outposts, and bases used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah for the storage and transportation of advanced weaponry that could be employed against Israel.

Media outlets aligned with the Assad regime have issued official statements claiming that the majority of missiles aimed at Homs were successfully intercepted, resulting in only “material damages.” No casualties have been reported from these airstrikes.


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