Amjad Media Releases Video of Devastating Latakia Raid on Assad Forces

The Amjad Media organization, affiliated with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), has released a video titled “Men of Retribution: Behind Enemy Lines at Mt. Nabi Yunus,” documenting a special retaliatory operation that took place on August 6. This operation targeted the special command and control center of Russian-Assad regime military units located 12 kilometers behind enemy lines on the summit of Mt. Nabi Yunis in Latakia.

The video, which spans 11 and a half minutes, provides an account of the planning and preparation leading up to the operation. The leadership of HTS, including its head Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, religious advisor Madhhar Al-Uais, and military commander Abu Hassan al-Hamawi, discuss the religious, political, and military significance of such operations. They emphasize that these operations aim to both humiliate and deter the enemy while safeguarding the lives of HTS soldiers and civilians in the liberated territories. The video underscores the notion that this military path requires sacrifice and risk for the greater good of the Syrian people, aligning with the ideals of Islam and the defense of the population.

Osamah al-Halabi, a military commander of HTS’ special operations Red Brigade unit responsible for the operation, elaborates on the tactical and strategic importance of the mission. He highlights the destruction of various equipment, including an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Orlan-10 Leer-3 Electronic warfare system, a vehicle-mounted Russian R-330Zh Zhitel mobile surveillance and communications jamming system, and a Fara-VR man-portable radar system. Additionally, the operation targeted satellite communication towers and reconnaissance radar stations, integral components of the regime’s command and control infrastructure for its military and intelligence activities.

Members of the unit, Shaheen al-Shami and Abu Hassan Idlibi, recount details of the operation itself. They describe a moment during the infiltration when cloud cover concealed their movements, leading to the commencement of the operation. The video showcases footage of the team breaching enemy defenses.

In the current year, the Red Brigade special forces have executed three successful infiltration operations, resulting in the deaths of more than 60 enemy soldiers. The attack on Mt. Nabi Yunis stands out as the most devastating infiltration assault during the ongoing 12-year conflict. This operation resulted in the destruction of three high-value military installations, the deaths of over 20 individuals, including several high-ranking officers, and the annihilation of specialized equipment used for various purposes, including operating drones, electronic surveillance, countermeasures, and coordinating Assad forces across multiple theaters of operation.



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