Statement from SSG’s Office of Political Affairs: Support for Southern Syria’s Revolutionary Movement

A photo from activist collective Suwayda24 showed protesters waving Druze flags in Suweida’s al-Sayr square on Tuesday. REUTERS

In a recent development highlighting the ongoing unrest in the southern region of Syria, the Office of Political Affairs of the Liberated Areas, which is associated with the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG), has issued a statement expressing solidarity with the demonstrators and protestors. The statement, released on August 23, 2023, underscores the revolutionary nature of the movement and reaffirms the commitment to the principles that the Syrian revolution was founded upon in 2011.

The statement opens by reflecting on the inception of the Syrian revolution, characterizing it as a response to the alleged tyranny and brutality of the Assad regime. The revolution’s overarching demand for freedom and dignity is emphasized, as well as its aspiration to create a free and honorable life for all Syrians, transcending sectarian divides.

As the revolutionary ideals progressed, they were translated into practice within the liberated areas, forming a basis for a new societal structure. The statement takes note of Idlib as a tangible embodiment of the revolution’s goals, illustrating the unity of the population and the vision they have strived for. At the same time, it laments the circumstances faced by Syrians in the occupied regions, portraying them as estranged within their own homeland.

The passage of twelve years is marked as a testament to the endurance of the revolution against the backdrop of a faltering Assad regime. The statement accuses the regime of perpetuating a disregard for human life and dignity and criticizes the alleged exploitation of the nation’s resources. The regime’s actions are presented as antithetical to the principles upheld by the revolutionary movement.

As the unrest persists in the southern region of Houran, the Office of Political Affairs of the Liberated Areas avows its support for the revolutionary momentum. It predicts that the revolution is gaining strength while the Assad regime’s influence wanes. The statement underscores the historical significance of this juncture, with the aspirations of the Syrian people converging with the demands of the revolutionaries. Emphasis is placed on the importance of unity among various factions within the movement, stressing the priority of the Syrian people’s interests over sectarian divides.

The declaration concludes with an impassioned call to action, inviting individuals to rally against what it portrays as a despotic regime. It paints a vision of a better future for Syria, where freedom, justice, and dignity prevail, even if the path to achieving it is arduous.


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