Assad’s Broken Promises

Credit: AP

Recent diplomatic sources within the Arab world have revealed that the Syrian regime has failed to honor the commitments it made to Arab nations. These commitments were meant to pave the way for normalization and its reintegration into the Arab League. Reports indicate that the Syrian regime has not provided the necessary security and political facilitation required to stop the smuggling of banned substances, notably captagon, to neighboring countries. Furthermore, it has not met the transitional requirements necessary for a political solution to end the Syrian crisis. The regime’s lack of cooperation regarding the return of refugees has also strained relations with Lebanon.

One of the key issues that has strained Syria’s relations with its Arab neighbors is the continued smuggling of illegal substances, particularly captagon, across its borders. Arab nations had expected the Syrian regime to take decisive actions to curb this illicit trade. However, the regime has not only failed to address the problem but also seemingly allowed it to persist. This not only threatens the security and stability of neighboring countries but also undermines trust in Syria’s commitment to regional security.

The Syrian conflict has ravaged the nation for over a decade, leading to immense suffering and displacement of its population. The Arab world had hoped that the Syrian regime would demonstrate a willingness to engage in the political process to resolve the crisis.

The Syrian regime’s stance on the return of refugees has also contributed to strained relations within the Arab world. Rather than actively participating in facilitating the return of refugees, the regime has shifted the responsibility onto the international community, citing its lack of cooperation in Syria’s reconstruction efforts as a justification.

Reports suggest that the Syrian-Lebanese joint program for the return of refugees has been marred by issues. Security agencies in Syria have insisted on scrutinizing the lists of individuals seeking to return, leading to hundreds being excluded on security and political grounds. This approach raises concerns about the sincerity of the Syrian regime’s commitment to facilitating the return of refugees.

It is worth mentioning that Bashar al-Assad openly declared in an interview with “Sky News” in August that he is not interested in positively engaging with the Arab initiative to resolve the Syrian issue, which led Syria to rejoin the Arab League under its terms.


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