FMOR Statement: “We Continue in Our Duty to Defend Our People in the Liberated Territories”

Credit: (SSG / Social Media)

According to the statement released by the Fath al-Mubeen Operations Room (FMOR) on Monday, October 7th, they are actively defending the people in the liberated north against attacks by the Assad regime, Russian, and Iranian-backed forces.

The FMOR has mobilized artillery and missile companies to launch targeted strikes on the sources of enemy’s fire, their vital points, logistics and command infrastructure and camps across various fronts. The statement claims they have successfully destroyed over six artillery positions, 15 military vehicles, ammunition depots, logistics and command centers, as well as enemy points in occupied villages.

The FMOR reassures the people in the liberated north that they are ready to respond to any attack and will continue to be a shield against the occupiers’ plots, asserting that their military options are wide open and they will expand their targets to strike deep within the enemy’s depths as long as acts of aggression against the people persist.

Over the last four days Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies have carried out a brutal campaign striking schools, markets, infrastructure, homes and camps for the displaced, with attacks on Idlib City’s residential neighborhoods and a camp for the displaced on the city’s outskirts this morning resulting in deaths.

While the international community continues to look on in silence as hundreds are displaced and injured, the Fath al-Mubeen Operations Room has been launching counter attacks aimed at disabling the military capabilities of Assad and his allies to attack the civilians in the liberated territories.


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