HTS Military Commander’s Insights on Escalating Conflict in Northern Syria

Jalaluddeen al Hamawi. Military commander of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham

The conflict in northern Syria has taken a dangerous turn as tensions escalate between the Fath al-Mubeen Operations Room (FMOR) and the Syrian regime. The attacks on Idlib City and other populated areas have entered their fourth day. In response to the bombardment by the Syrian regime, the FMOR has undertaken several significant steps to defend the civilian population, targeting military installations and command centers coordinating attacks on northern Syria’s civilians.

In an exclusive conversation with L24, Jalaluddeen al Hamawi, a military commander of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, shed light on the escalating situation. He stated that the recent military college event in Homs had triggered a relentless bombing campaign by Syrian regime forces, resulting in the loss of civilian lives. The FMOR has responded with precision and determination.

Al Hamawi explained that on the first day of the campaign, their focus was to neutralize positions directly threatening civilian areas. Their actions were characterized by precision and care to minimize collateral damage while safeguarding the local population.

However, the situation evolved rapidly. Today, the FMOR initiated a series of strikes on regime strongholds in Aleppo and Latakia countryside, employing hundreds of rockets. Their targets included sensitive positions, headquarters, and ammunition warehouses vital to the regime’s military operations.

The military commander emphasized that their actions are guided by the principle of self-defense. The group’s primary objective is to protect their people and minimize the impact of the regime’s aggression on innocent civilians. They remain fully prepared to escalate their response should the Syrian regime persist in targeting civilians. According to Al Hamawi, they are ready to employ any necessary force to deter further aggression against their civilian population.

The situation in northern Syria remains highly volatile and fraught with danger as clashes between the FMOR and the Syrian regime continue to escalate. The military commander`s statement underscores the gravity of the situation and the determination of the revolutionaries.


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