Increased Assad and Russian Attacks Kill Civilians in IDP Camp and Idlib City

Credit: (White Helmets/Social Media)

In recent days, there has been a concerning escalation in attacks by Russian and Assad regime forces, particularly targeting the Idlib City and displaced Syrians. Today, the city of Idlib witnessed yet another tragic incident as the Assad regime, supported by Russian forces, bombarded residential neighborhoods with heavy artillery and rockets. The attack resulted in the death of four civilians, including a woman, and several others were injured and rushed to nearby hospitals.

Last Tuesday, Russia murdered several IDPs in the Ahl Saraqib camp, west of Idlib, killing five civilians, three women, one of whom is pregnant, and two infants, while injuring five others including another infant and two children. These attacks are part of a series of relentless bombings by the Russian and Assad regime forces in the liberated areas, causing numerous civilian casualties and destruction of vital infrastructure.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, attacks occurred during a visit by a UN delegation to inspect a relief center in the Nairab village. Assad’s forces fired on the village, demonstrating a blatant disregard for international humanitarian law and undermining the efforts of the international community to provide much-needed assistance.

The ongoing impunity enjoyed by the Assad regime allows for the relentless bombing of residential neighborhoods, vital facilities, and schools without any deterrence. Assad and his Russian and Iranian allies have been escalating their campaign of terror and violence in northwestern Syria since 2020, resulting in increasing civilian casualties, and damage to homes, public facilities, schools, and mosques. This relentless violence has exacerbated the already dire humanitarian crisis, forcing more Syrians to flee their homes and endure unimaginable suffering.

The international community, the UN, and human rights organizations must take immediate and decisive action to protect civilians and hold the Assad regime and Russia accountable for their ongoing crimes. The escalating attacks on civilians and displaced Syrians demand a firm stance that puts an end to these atrocities. It is crucial for the international community to stand in solidarity with the Syrian people, and bear their responsibilities.


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