Outrage and Solidarity: Northern Syria Stands with Gaza

Credit: (SSG / Social Media)

The recent massacre at the Baptist Hospital in the Gaza Strip where Israeli occupation forces murdered over 500 civilians has sparked widespread outrage and solidarity among the people of northern Syria. As news of the tragic event spread, various organizations and prominent figures in the liberated Syrian territories expressed their condemnation and offered condolences to the Palestinian people.

The Syrian Civil Defense also known as the White Helmets condemned the Israeli bombing of the Baptist Hospital. In a strongly worded statement, they denounced the attack as a flagrant violation of international law and humanitarian principles. The White Helmets called on the international community to intervene and put an end to the collective punishment inflicted upon the Palestinian population.

The Syrian Interim Government (SIG) Office of the President and Prime Minister also expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people. They condemned the vile crime committed by the Israeli occupation and drew parallels between the systematic killings in Gaza and the atrocities inflicted by the Assad regime in Syria. The SIG declared a three-day general mourning in the liberated areas and called for an immediate halt to violence and displacement.

A statement released by the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) Department of Political Affairs joined the chorus of condemnation, describing the Israeli bombing as a heinous massacre. They extended their condolences to the victims’ families and expressed complete solidarity with the people of Gaza, ensuring them that they remained in the prayers of the Syrian people. The SSG also suspended all previously planned public activities in the liberated areas and urged the organization of protests and demonstrations to support the people of Gaza.

Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, the leader of Hayah Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), addressed the people of Gaza in a heartfelt statement. Quoting from the Quran that patience and hardship often preceded the clear victory, he emphasized the resilience and courage displayed by the people of Gaza in the face of adversity. Al-Jolani condemned the cowardice of those who targeted innocent civilians and expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza, assuring them that the hearts of the people of Syria and Sham are with them.

People took to the streets to show their sincere backing of the Palestinian people and anger at the crimes committed against them, large night demonstrations were held in various regions of northwestern Syria, including Jisr Al-Shughur and the city of Idlib. The demonstrations aimed to express outrage at the illegal and inhumane war crimes committed by the Israeli forces, particularly the recent massacre at the Baptist Hospital in Gaza. The people of northern Syria stood united, showing their support for the people of Gaza and their condemnation of the violence.

The reaction of the people of northern Syria to this most recent war crime killing hundreds of civilians sheltering at the hospital is expressed by people who themselves face near daily attacks in their camps, schools, hospitals, and homes. Various organizations, including the Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets), the Syrian Interim Government (SIG), and the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG), have condemned the Israeli bombing and expressed their condolences to the Palestinian people and the need for the international community to stop all violations of international law, and hold all perpetrators to account for such war crimes.


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