Solidarity Amidst Adversity: SSG Launches Fundraising Campaign for Gaza

Credit: (Social Media/Twitter)

In a remarkable display of compassion and solidarity, the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) has initiated a week-long fundraising campaign titled “Gaza: Our Wound is One” in the liberated territories of northern Syria. Despite facing their own challenges of near-daily bombings, displacement, siege, and poverty, the free people of liberated Syria are demonstrating their unwavering commitment to supporting the people of Gaza, who have been subjected to relentless attacks, displacement, and scarcity of essential resources.

The premise of the campaign lies in the unity of the Ummah, the Muslim nation, across its various regions, emphasizing that solutions for the challenges of the Ummah lie within itself. It stresses that the wound, no matter its form, remains one, symbolizing the forces of oppression and evil, regardless of their shape. They are advocating that supporting those in Gaza is an obligation on all Muslims.

Gaza has been enduring immense suffering due to nearly a month of genocidal violence and destruction. Mass displacements and expulsion have compounded bombings, and massacres of civilians, women, children, and infants. Besiegement has resulted in limited access to food, medical supplies, and necessities like water and electricity. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the SSG, through its Ministry of Awqaf Dawah and Guidance (ADG), has taken the initiative to organize a comprehensive donation campaign to provide aid and support to the afflicted people of Gaza.

According to the statement, the ADG Ministry, the Ministry of Development, and the Humanitarian Coordination Office are coordinating this initiative to emphasize the Islamic principle of brotherhood and the collective responsibility of Muslims to support one another in times of hardship. The SSG aims to foster a sense of unity and compassion among Muslims worldwide.

To ensure the success of the campaign, the SGG has issued several directives to the Endowments Directorates and the wider Muslim community. Preachers have been urged to deliver reminders and sermons highlighting the virtue of spending for the sake of Allah and supporting the oppressed. And they’re encouraged to motivate Muslims to contribute generously towards the relief efforts for the people of Gaza. Mosque committees have been assigned to receive donations under the supervision of the custodian of each mosque, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The fundraising campaign, which was initially scheduled to begin last Friday 27 October, was postponed due to continued attacks throughout Idlib by the Assad regime, leading to the suspension of Friday prayers in many areas. The initiative will begin today, 29 October, following afternoon prayers and continue until Sunday 5 November.

Donors are requested to deliver their contributions promptly to the Endowment Directorates through official channels, ensuring proper documentation and receipts. This campaign serves as a powerful reminder of the shared humanity that unites the people, transcending borders and hardships. Through their generous contributions, the people of Syria send a message of hope and resilience to their brothers in Gaza, reaffirming that they are not alone in their struggle.


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