Assad Regime and Allies Attack Civilians in Aleppo and Idlib Province

Credit: (Social Media)

Yesterday afternoon, and throughout the night the Assad regime and its Iranian and Russian allies launched a series of relentless attacks on civilians in various towns and cities in Aleppo and Idlib provinces. The savage bombardment of residential areas and markets took a devastating toll on innocent lives and infrastructure.

In the afternoon rockets fell on Idlib City, the industrial center, residential neighborhoods, and Al-Shuhada Camp for internally displaced people (IDPs) on the city’s edge. As the day continued attacks spread to other towns and continued throughout the night, even past midnight. The regime primarily attacked seven locations. In Idlib province; Idlib City, Sarmin, and Afes where a mosque was targeted, and Abzimo, Darat Izza, Nairab, and Kafrta’al in Aleppo.

In the city of Darat Izza, in the western countryside of Aleppo, the criminal regime targeted civilians with heavy artillery throughout the night causing injuries and widespread fear among the population. Similarly, in the city of Sarmin, east of Idlib, where renewed missile bombardments in the evening injured children and started a fire in a residential house, further adding to the suffering of the local populace who had been struck by rockets early the same day. The indiscriminate attacks have also resulted in the deaths and injury of innocent children, in Darat Izza, Sarmin, and Idlib City all due to regime forces bombing residential neighborhoods.

The aftermath of these brutal attacks has been nothing short of harrowing. The E-Clean Sanitation company worked into the night to clear the rubble and open roads for ambulances following the bombings. The Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) Minister of Health, Dr. Hussein Bazar, has reported a rising death toll, including women and children, and a significant number of casualties, highlighting the devastating impact on the civilian population, “The number of victims of today’s massacre against our civilian population has risen to 8 martyrs, including women and children, and the number of injured has risen to 42 so far.”

Among the dead was the child Hamza Al-Shibli, who was killed by a rocket that targeted the IDP camp where he lived. The SSG’s Minister of Development and Humanitarian Affairs Engineer Mohamed Al-Bashir commented, “Yesterday, the criminal regime’s militia targeted the Martyrs’ Camp on the outskirts of the city of Idlib, killing a 7-year-old child (Al-Shibli), causing several injuries, and damaging many tents and caravans. We directed the emergency team to the camp that was bombed to assess the damage, determine the needs of the people, and move them to safer places.”

The Syria Civil Defense (White Helmets) has also expressed deep sorrow over the loss of civilian lives and the widespread destruction caused by the regime’s terrorist attacks. Saying the scenes of death, fires, and destruction have left the city of Idlib in mourning, with innocent civilians bearing the brunt of the regime’s criminality.

In response to these atrocities, the Fath al-Mubin Operations Room (FMOR) targeted rocket launchers at the positions of the Assad regime’s militias in Nubul and Al-Zahraa, signaling “a defiant response to the relentless bombing of the city of Idlib.”

The Assad regime’s attacks on civilians in Aleppo and Idlib province demand immediate attention and condemnation. The lives of innocent men, women, and children are at stake, and the world cannot afford to remain silent in the face of such atrocities. The recent wave of violence has seen a surge in rocket, missile, and heavy artillery bombardment targeting residential neighborhoods, markets, mosques, and vital areas, leaving a trail of death, injuries, and destruction.


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