Assad Regime December 2 Attack Claims Life of Teacher

Credit: (SOC’s Media Department)

Rania Muhaymid was killed by the Assad regime, due to injuries sustained in an attack by a regime attack on Al-Shuhadaa School in the town of Afes, east of Idlib, on December 2. This tragic incident, which also resulted in the injury of three students, underscores the deliberate targeting of educational institutions by the Assad regime, causing immense suffering and fear among civilians.

The attack on Al-Shuhadaa School not only claimed the life of a dedicated teacher but also inflicted injuries on innocent children, leaving one of whom remains in critical condition requiring ongoing medical care. The relentless targeting of schools and educational facilities by the regime and its ally, Russia, has created an atmosphere of terror and instability, severely disrupting the pursuit of education and normalcy for the affected communities.

The Syrian Civil Defense (also known as the White Helmets) has documented a series of attacks on schools, including the targeting of multiple educational institutions in October and November, further emphasizing the systematic nature of these assaults. The deliberate destruction of schools and the use of incendiary ammunition in these attacks demonstrate a callous disregard for the lives and future of Syrian children. The White Helmets point out that these attacks not only result in physical destruction but also endanger the future of Syria.

The relentless military attacks on northwestern Syria, coupled with the deliberate targeting of vital facilities and schools, have created a climate of fear and instability, compelling civilians to flee their homes and depriving students of their right to education. The toll of these systematic attacks on the education system in Syria is immeasurable, with students bearing the heavy burden of a shattered future.


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