Attacks by Assad Regime Force Closure of Schools in Northern Syria

Victim of Al-Shuhada School attack left in critical condition. Credit: (Agency of Sham / Social Media)
The ongoing conflict in Syria has once again disrupted the lives of innocent civilians, this time targeting the education of children in the northern region. The Syrian Salvation Government (SSG) recently announced the closure of several schools in the eastern countryside of Idlib due to increased attacks by the Assad regime and its Russian allies on educational institutions.

According to the statement issued by the Directorate of Education in Idlib, the decision to suspend school hours in the city of Sarmin, and the villages of Afes and Nairab, was made in response to the escalating violence. The recent targeting of a school in the town of Afes, which resulted in the injury of four students, including two critically, as well as a teacher, has raised serious concerns about the safety of students and educational staff in the region.

The attack on Al-Shuhadaa School in Afes, where mortar shells were fired by militias of the Assad regime stationed in the occupied city of Saraqeb, has prompted the authorities to prioritize the safety of students and staff by temporarily shuttering schools in the affected areas. This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of the conflict on the lives of innocent civilians, particularly children who are striving to pursue their education despite the challenging circumstances.

This is not the first time that educational institutions in northern Syria have been targeted. The statement also highlighted previous instances of school closures in parts of Al-Mahrir, particularly last October, due to the direct targeting of civilian gatherings by the Assad regime and Russia. The recent attacks on civilian cars with guided missiles on the Katyan-Zardana road further underscores the indiscriminate nature of the violence that continues to plague the region.

The closure of schools in response to these attacks reflects the urgent need to protect the lives and well-being of students and educational staff in northern Syria. As the international community continues to grapple with the complexities of the Syrian conflict, it is imperative to address the plight of innocent civilians, especially children who are bearing the brunt of the violence. The closure of schools in northern Syria serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and the protection of fundamental rights, including access to education, for all Syrians.


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