Turkish Intelligence Strikes PKK Leader in Syria

Turkish intelligence has announced the initiation of a new security operation in Syria targeting Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) operatives, as part of their ongoing efforts to combat the organization.

According to security sources cited by the Anatolia agency, the intelligence service successfully neutralized Amina Sayed Ahmed, known as “Azadi Derik,” a prominent PKK leader, in a targeted operation in Qamishli, located in the countryside of Hasaka.

Ahmed, a Syrian national who joined the PKK in 2011, was pursued by Turkish authorities after evidence surfaced indicating her involvement in planning attacks against Turkish security forces.

It was revealed that Ahmed held responsibility for procuring and deploying rockets for the party, orchestrating rocket attacks against Turkish security forces in the “Olive Branch” region from Tal Rifaat. Additionally, she was implicated in ordering rocket attacks targeting civilians in the southern Turkish city of Kilis.

Turkish intelligence periodically conducts operations in northeastern Syria aimed at targeting PKK leaders and their Syrian counterpart, the People’s Protection Units (YPG).


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