US Warns SDF of PKK’s Growing Influence in Northeastern Syria

Credit: (ENKS)

 The US State Department has cautioned the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) about the increasing dominance of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northeastern Syria. This warning came amidst discussions regarding the potential closure of Kurdish National Council (ENKS) offices and the restriction of its activities in the region.

Local sources indicate that a US State Department representative conveyed these concerns to SDF commander Mazloum Abdi, stressing the adverse effects such actions could have on regional stability and the ongoing dialogue process in northeastern Syria.

The rift within the SDF between PKK-affiliated factions and those aligned with US interests, led by Abdi, has been widening since 2021. This division undermines Washington’s influence and exacerbates security concerns, with the PKK’s growing influence posing a threat to both Kurdish movements and broader regional stability.

This comes on the heels of admission, in July of last year, by the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) that they maintained ties and connections to the PKK, prompting the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) to refuse coordination with the council due to it’s ties to the terrorist group. Washington is particularly uneasy about the PKK’s strengthening ties with Iran, fearing that this alliance may serve to advance Iranian interests at odds with US objectives in the region.

Despite alleged efforts by the SDF and Asayish forces to address violations, such as the abduction and conscription of minors, detention of activists, and ongoing persecution of Kurdish movements culminating in incidents like the burning of ENKS headquarters persist. The inability to curb these attacks underscores the challenge of containing the PKK’s influence and maintaining security in northeastern Syria.

The US embassy in Syria has expressed concern over these assaults, urging an immediate halt to the violence against ENKS offices. Meanwhile, the Autonomous Administration, operating within SDF-controlled areas, has threatened legal action against unauthorized actors, signaling a firm stance against further destabilization.


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