SNA and Turkish Intelligence Arrest ISIS Leaders in Joint Operation

Credit: (SNA/Military Police)

The Syrian National Army (SNA), in joint operations with Turkish intelligence, recently apprehended two officials linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) organization in northern Syria. The arrests took place in the Peace Spring area of northeastern Syria, with intelligence provided by the Turkish Intelligence Service (MiT). According to Turkish security sources, the operation resulted in the capture of Ziyad Al-Hajji, known as Abu Bakr Al-Quraishi, responsible for managing ISIS funds in the self-declared “Damascus Province,” and Musa Muhammad al-Habib, known as Abu al-Baraa, in the same area.

This successful operation comes after earlier collaboration between the SNA and Turkish intelligence, leading to the arrest of Abdullah Al-Jundi, Khattab Al-Muhajir, the commander of the Al-Siddiq Brigade, affiliated with ISIS. Al-Jundi’s arrest occurred near the border in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, with SNA forces carrying out the operation.

According to Turkish intelligence, Al-Muhajir was planning to launch an attack against Turkish security forces in areas in Afrin where Turkish-backed SNA factions are active in the countryside of Aleppo. The arrest of Al-Muhajir took place in the Al-Bab area, east of Aleppo, where he allegedly confessed about plans to target Turkish forces and provided information about the members of the Siddiq Battalion.

These most recent operations demonstrate the ongoing collaboration between the SNA and Turkish intelligence in northern Syria, with most such efforts being in locating and dismantling cells associated with ISIS and the PKK-aligned Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


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