Internal Conflict Within SNA’s Al-Mutasim Division Results in Death and Arrests

Credit: (SNA/Social Media)

Internal conflict within the Syrian National Army’s (SNA) Al-Mutasim Division has been ongoing over the past few days, leading to the surrender of several division leaders to the military police amid a backdrop of allegations and confrontations. The recent events, unfolding amidst internal power struggles and accusations, have brought attention to the complexities and divisions within the SNA.

According to reports from local sources, a number of prominent figures within the Al-Mutasim Division surrendered themselves to the administration of the military police affiliated with the Ministry of Defense in the Syrian Interim Government (SIG). This move comes following internal strife within the division and rumors of the dismissal of its leader, Al-Mutasim Abbas.

The conflict reached a critical point last Wednesday, April 24, when a meeting intended to reconcile the leadership in one of the group’s headquarters in the village of Arshaf witnessed confrontations between opposing factions, resulting in the injury of the division commander, Al-Mutasim Abbas, and the tragic death of his brother, Ahmed Abbas. These events underscore the internal disagreements and power struggles within the division.

Subsequently, arrest and detention warrants were issued against five individuals from the division involved in the incident, including Mustafa Sejiri and Aladdin Ayoub (known as Al-Farouq Abu Bakr), by the Military Police Department. Al-Farouq Abu Bakr and the faction’s security officer, Muhammad Al-Daher (Abu Iskandar), surrendered themselves, Mustafa Sejiri was arrested Friday and remains in custody pending investigations.

Al-Mutasim Abbas, while denying claims of his removal from office, took to social media to assert the division’s continuity under his leadership. He condemned the actions of those he referred to as “murderous criminals” and emphasized the importance of accountability through judicial processes.

The turmoil within the Al-Mutasim Division has prompted responses from the SIG’s Defense Ministry. In a statement, the ministry confirmed the arrest of individuals involved in the recent conflict within the division and outlined temporary measures imposed on the perpetrators. It stressed the commitment to conducting an independent investigation into the allegations and reaffirmed that trial and punishment would be administered solely through independent courts affiliated with the SIG’s judicial system.


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