Spike in Chaos and Bloodshed in Northeastern Syria

Yesterday, clashes erupted between two tribes from the town of al-Shinan and Drang, in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

Ahmed al-Obaid al-Najris, a leader from the SDF (from the town of Drang, in Deir ez-Zor), broke and confiscated several cars belonging to locals from al-Shinan, claiming that they were smuggling fuel to the areas under the Assad regime.

According to the Neda Post news agency, their correspondent said: “The locals of al-Shinan retaliated to the attack by the SDF leader, which in turn led to the residents of the town of Drang joining the clashes to defend the Ahmed.”

Afterward, tribal leaders and notables of the clans from the towns intervened to stop the bloodshed.

Meanwhile, a young man named Marei al-Khaled al-Ihsan was killed in the town of Abu Hammam in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor. Reportedly, he was shot due to an old vendetta against one of the other tribes in the region.

Moreover, a man named Khaled Naji al-Nujoom, in al-Shadadi, south of al-Hasakah, was severely wounded after being shot trying to solve tribal disputes.

Armed clan clashes and infighting have become rampant in the regions of northeastern Syria, which are under the SDF.

Neda Post claims that “the SDF plays the biggest role in fueling the infighting by supporting one party at the expense of another, to distract the locals from protesting and demanding their legitimate rights.”


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