Jordan demands Assad remove Iran from Borders

Jordanian – Syrian border crossing

Jordanian authorities, on the 22nd of September, officially called on the Assad regime to remove Iranian forces from the country’s northern border with Syria.

Jordanian newspapers reported that the Jordanian Chief of Staff, Hussein al-Hunaiti, demanded during his very recent meeting in Amman with Assad’s Defense Minister, Ali Ayoub, that the Iranian forces cannot be present around their borders.

The newspapers reported that al-Hunaiti confirmed that the Iranians pose a threat to the security and stability of Jordan, and this matter increases pressure on the Jordanian army to maintain security.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian forces are trying to extend their influence in southern Syria near the Jordanian border with the aim of using the area as a base for drug smuggling towards the Gulf region.

Since the Assad regime took control of Daraa in 2018, the Jordanian army has managed to thwart dozens of drug smuggling attempts coming from Syria towards its territory.

Moreover, the Assad regime has become dependent on the production and trade of drugs to support its treasury and circumvent US sanctions, as it relies on illegal drug trade on networks affiliated with the Hezbollah network spread around Europe and the Gulf.


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