Jordan intercepts another drug smuggling operation from Syria

Jordanian armed forces intercepting drug smugglers

Today, the 15th of September, Jordanian Armed Forces thwarted an attempt to smuggle large quantities of illegal drugs, coming from Syrian territory, at the eastern borders of the military region.

Jordanian media quoted an official military source in the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces saying, “The rules of engagement were applied leading the smugglers to flee into Syrian territories, and after searching the area, large quantities of drugs were found.”

Since 2018, after the Fourth Division and Iranian forces took control of the border strip in Daraa, the Jordanian authorities announced foiling dozens of efforts to smuggle weapons and drugs from Syria into their territory.

It is worth noting that the Assad regime facilitated drug traffickers with the help of Hezbollah, as Syria has now become one of the main sources of illegal drug smuggling in the Middle East and Europe.


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