Assad commits Another Massacre in Ariha

Aftermath of the bombing on Ariha

On Wednesday morning regime forces committed a barbaric massacre on the market in the city of Ariha, causing dozens of casualties.

Local sources claimed that Assad’s forces targeted the packed marketplace during the morning, at the busiest of hours, with a number of rockets and heavy artillery shells.

The total number of casualties, which included women and children, reached over 50 with 10 killed and the rest injured and severely wounded.

Ariha, a densely populated town, has been subjected to bombardment on its residential neighborhoods a number of times this year by Assad and his allies, especially during the month of June and September.

Recently, regime forces have stepped up bombing densely populated locations, such as the city of Sarmada, north of Idlib, a dicey precedent that the region had not witnessed before.

Ariha is one of the last few towns in southern Idlib which is heavily populated. After months of bombardment in Jabal al-Zawiya hundreds of locals have been forcefully displaced, and with Ariha becoming unsafe, they are left in the dark to wonder where to run next in search of safety.


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