Watad Reduces Cost of Fuel

This morning, the fuel company in Idlib known as Watad, announced a slight reduction in fuel prices as a result of the fluctuating Turkish Lira, which today is at 12.7 Liras to one U.S. Dollar.

According to the company’s price bulletin, a liter of gasoline decreased by 0.13TL making the price 10.89TL, and diesel decreased by 0.12TL making it 10.14TL.

The price of a (fully loaded) gas cylinder dropped from 153.5TL to 151.5TL.

Last Saturday, the company also announced a slight reduction in fuel prices, as the price of a liter of gasoline decreased by 0.30TL, diesel by 0.28TL as well as gas by 4TL.

As the Turkish Lira continues to plummet, its reflection is clearly seen on the liberated areas as it is the currency used there. The SSG and other organizations associated to it have been on their toes to tackle and solve the issue in the quickest and best way possible.

As winter approaches, expenses for the Syrians have more than doubled and the challenges have become tougher, as they look to survive the harsh weather amid dealing with prices of all goods skyrocketing.


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