Snowstorm Mounts on Liberated Areas Affecting Thousands

Since the beginning of the week, the liberated areas have been hit with harsh weather and heavy rainfall. Conditions became worse as snowstorms covered the region soon afterwards.

The response coordinators in Syria claimed that the number of camps affected by the snowstorm has reached over 47 camps in northwestern Syria, in just over 48 hours. The northern countryside of Aleppo has suffered the most as well as the IDP camps around the Syrian-Turkish border. Meanwhile, Idlib and its surrounding areas have been relatively lesser affected than the northern countryside of Aleppo.

According to reports, the number of tents which have been damaged completely have reached over 69, while the number of partly damaged tents reached 291.

Sources on the ground claimed that there has been no actual response to those affected by the storm so far. However, the Syria Civil Defense team have been exerting their efforts to clear the roads in northern Aleppo and those around the camps and elsewhere as it has been blocking the civilians from being able to move about for the past few days.

Thousands of IDPs, who were forced to leave their homes (multiple times due to the regime), are stuck in their camps with nowhere else to go. Sources claim that the increase in damages within the camps resulted from the failure to take the necessary precautionary measures before the beginning of winter. There has been a lack of actual solutions provided by humanitarian organizations to avoid these damages according to the sources.

Reports suggest that these harsh weather conditions are set to continue for the next few days at least. Sources claim that the local authorities and organizations involved have been on their toes in working to find ways to make it easier for the people to cope with these conditions.


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