Assad Regime Heavily Dependent on Drug Trade for Survival

Photograph: Sana/AFP via Getty Images

German magazine Der Spiegel reported that the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, has become strongly dependent on Captagon trade to fund his regime and collapsed economy.

According to the magazine, German investigators found evidence that Assad was directly involved in supporting the production and trade of Captagon pills and other forms of (illegal) drugs.

They added that Assad obtains a large proportion of the narcotics that are smuggled to several countries, including the Gulf states and other Arab countries.

The magazine mentioned that accusations were leveled against Syrian citizens in the German city of Essen for drug trafficking, and they apparently have a direct relationship with individuals who are pioneers in this trade and work for Assad.

The areas under the regime’s control have turned into a major hub for drug production and trade, as well as exporting them across borders and seas to dozens of countries.

The drug trade in Syria had become active after the Iranians intervened in the war, in particular Hezbollah, who have passed on some of their experiences in the cultivation of narcotics from Lebanon to the countryside of Damascus, Homs and Daraa.


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