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SSG arrests and extradites drug lord Bruno Carbone to Italy

Officials in the SSG's Ministry of Interior Affairs told L24 they extradited Bruno Carbone, an Italian national, to Italy through Turkey. Carbone was sentenced...

Former Jordanian Official on Developments between Jordan and Syria

Former Jordanian Minister of Information, Samih al-Maytah, recently stated that he rules out any “significant progress” in relations between Jordan and the Assad regime. Al-Maytah...

Jordan discloses Volume of Trade Exchanges with Assad Regime

Yesterday, the Jordanian authorities revealed the volume of commercial exchanges between them and Syria (the Assad regime) through the Nasib border crossing. The Director General...

Assad Regime Heavily Dependent on Drug Trade for Survival

German magazine Der Spiegel reported that the head of the Syrian regime, Bashar al-Assad, has become strongly dependent on Captagon trade to fund his...

Captagon evades Syrian Sanctions


Syria-Jordan Drug Smuggling Linked to Assad Regime

Yesterdays, reports suggested that there have been new cases of drug smuggling from Syria to Jordan, linking the Assad Regime to it. According to...

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