Russia Sends More Paratroopers to Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry has sent a new batch of paratroopers to Syria, amid increasing military tensions in several regions of the north and northeast of the country.

Russian sources on social media reported today that, during the past hours, forces affiliated with the Russian Army’s Paratroopers Division arrived at Qamishli, al-Hasakah, northeastern Syria.

Reports suggested that there were private photos which these accounts claimed were of Russian military forces, from the Paratroopers Division, who arrived in the area.

According to the source, the main objective of sending these forces to Qamishli is to confront the “armed militias” backed by Turkey, who has continuously threatened to launch military operations around the region against the SDF.

Military analysts expect that Turkey’s approval of Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO may lead to differences and confrontation between Turkey and Russia in Syria.

Many also anticipate military clashes between the United States and Russia, after several developments throughout the past months – the latest of which was Russia bombing targets near the American base at al-Tanf.


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