Jordanian and Syrian Officials Hold Meeting in Amman to Address Security Issues


Jordanian military and intelligence officials convened in the capital city of Amman on Sunday to meet with their counterparts from the Assad regime. The focus of the meeting, as stated by the Jordanian foreign ministry, was to discuss cooperation in tackling the drug trade and its sources of production and smuggling, along with addressing the parties responsible for organizing and executing smuggling operations across the border.

The head of the Jordanian army, Lieutenant General Yousef Hunaiti, engaged in discussions with Assad’s Defence Minister, Ali Mahmoud Abbas. High-ranking intelligence officials from both sides were also present at the meeting. The primary concern addressed during the talks was the escalating threat posed by drug traffickers and the drug trade in the region, which has led to conflicts along the approximately 375 km (230 miles) long border. These skirmishes have been attributed to pro-Iranian militias operating in southern Syria.

Aside from the drug trade, there have been incidents of weapons smuggling from Syria into Jordan. In the weeks leading up to the meeting, the Jordanian military intercepted two Iranian drones, one of which was found to be carrying weapons.

The Jordanian government has expressed grave concerns about the implications of such actions, which pose ongoing threats to regional stability and security. They have emphasized their determination to take any necessary measures to safeguard their borders and national security. Jordan has raised allegations that Iranian militias, with support from elements of the Assad regime’s military, are involved in both drug and weapons trafficking in southern Syria.


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