Fath al-Mubeen Launches Raid Behind Enemy Lines on Aleppo Front

Credit: (Rudaw)
In a daring and strategic move, the Operations Room (FMOR) launched a significant military operation to thwart the advancement of the Assad regime and Iranian-backed forces in Aleppo. The operation, which took place on Thursday, December 7, saw fighters from the Omar bin Al-Khattab Brigade infiltrate the enemy’s points near the 46th Regiment in the village of Kafr Taal, west of Aleppo. The fighters managed to eliminate dozens of enemy members, causing significant casualties and disrupting the enemy’s attempts to advance.

This is the first operation seeing the deployment of FMOR forces behind enemy lines since August’s incursion 12 kilometers into Assad and Russian positions on Mt. Nabi Yunis along the coast in regime-held Latakia province.

A statement from FMOR emphasized the significance of this operation, particularly in light of the regime’s recent failed attempts to advance towards strategic points in the western countryside of Aleppo. The successful operation not only halted the enemy’s progress but also demonstrated the level of preparedness and the military and tactical capabilities of the FMOR forces.

The statement provided a detailed account of the operation, highlighting the bravery and effectiveness of the fighters from the Omar bin Al-Khattab Brigade. Despite facing large military reinforcements from the Assad regime and its allies, including the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian-backed militias, the fighters held their ground and repelled multiple attempts by the enemy to regain lost territory.

Six fighters of the Omar bin Al-Khattab Brigade decided to hold the position for as long as possible, with no intentions of retreating or returning. The clashes, which lasted for over five hours, resulted in significant losses for the Assad regime and their allies. All six of the FMOR fighters gave their lives to complete their objectives which included the destruction of fortifications and military equipment and weapons on the 46th Regiment axis.

The names of the militia members and officers from the Assad regime killed during the clashes were shared on various social media accounts affiliated with the regime and its allies, revealing the heavy causalities inflicted during the operation which killed over half a dozen, including several officers of the 30th division, as well injuring over a dozen more. The operation not only inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy but disrupted their plans and attempts at advancing.

“As the conflict in Aleppo continues,” says the statement, “the recent operation stands as a symbol of the unwavering spirit and resilience of those fighting for freedom and justice in the face of adversity. The fate of Aleppo remains uncertain, but these actions serve as a reminder that the will of the people cannot be easily subdued.”


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