Activists Launch Campaign to Highlight Assad’s Global Drug Trade

Italian authorities confiscated Captagon pills

Since yesterday, Syrian activists have launched the hashtag “Assad Captagon” on social media to highlight the Assad regime’s manufacture and trade in narcotic substances to prevent an economic collapse in its regions.

Activists called on the world: “After turning the regions of the Assad regime into a drug republic, we call on free Syrians to participate, interact and publish with the hashtag.”

Under this hashtag, Syrian journalist, Ammar Qandal, said: “The criminal Assad regime, after all its crimes, its destruction of infrastructure, and the displacement of millions of Syrians, are resorting today to new terrorism, which is drugs and Captagon. It is spreading them in the streets and these crimes are committed with a blind eye towards it.”

Firas Khalifa, a journalist, said: “Al-Assad was not content with the number of deaths he inflicted on the Syrians, but rather wants to harm people from all parts of the world by spreading deadly narcotics. The criminal, the enemy of man and humanity, must be stopped.”

Another journalist, Khaled al-Khatib, confirmed the rise in the number of drug abusers within the areas controlled by the Assad regime, saying: “Drugs, trade, manufacture and promotion, are one of the most important sectors on which pro-regime militias depend to support their fighters and cover their expenses.”


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